Influencers for Brands


Some of the most followed influencers in (social) media are athletes – for a good reason. Their lifestyle and their message of being positive, optimistic and goal-driven is inspiring to many people.  They encourage positive interactions and engagement, and serve as credible and authentic influencers for your brand.

But authentic content can only be created, when athlete and brand fit each other. And only authentic content with the right message sells.
But how do you find a fitting athlete ambassador and how do you best cooperate?

Partnering with athletes requires insights about up-and-coming and established influencers, a sense for the specific sports scene and a clear strategic marketing approach.

We find the perfect athlete testimonial for your specific purpose, help you to (re)structure a powerful athlete portfolio and develop a goal oriented ambassador program tailormade to your business.

Say hello if you want to reposition your Athlete Marketing or if you look for fresh ideas to activate your athletes.

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