Select the wave. Catch it. Ride it. Perfect ten.

what we do

For athletes. For brands. For you.


who we are

Strategic thinkers. Creative minds. Nature lovers.

NINE&ONE is a modern sports marketing agency that was built to fit todays‘ need for flexibility in a fast paced environment.

Founded by Sophie Schröder and Karin Lechner in 2012, who share years of experience at Red Bull’s International Athlete and Sports Marketing Department, we at NINE&ONE are a team of strategist minds with the creativity of action sports addicts and a love for innovation. We share the spirit of athletes and know the needs of brands.

Feeling at home in a lot of different sports and know-how in a variety of markets help us to be strategic and hands-on marketeers at the same time.

You’ll never work alone: Well established connections with key players in the sports and media industry help us to build strong and effective athlete-brand partnerships time and again.

We operate with a small powerful team out of our office in Salzburg (AUT), a strong base in Munich (GER) and teams of smart and experienced specialists across the globe, tailored to meet our client needs.

If not in the office, look for a yogamat at the lake, a kite in the air or powder lines in the snow.


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Int. Athlete Management and Sports Marketing

Karin Lechner
Salzburg / Austria
+43 664 2001261
Sophie Schröder
Munich / Germany
+49 179 9157928