testimonial booking

Karina Hollekim

Life Beyond Fear

Thomas Huber / Huberbuam

The passion for the mountains as a metaphor for life

Thomas Huber

in front of 2000 fascinated listeners

Romain Bechu

The Golf Trick King

Petr Kraus

Trial Biker and former triple world champion

Petr Kraus

performing stunts and shows

Professional and successful athletes have unique stories to tell. Let these inspiring personalities share their thoughts and insights with your audience.

Live sports performances, be it trial bike stunts, golf juggling tricks or any kind of sports show or workshop, can bring the extra action to your event. They deliver an extraordinary experience for your guests, clients or employees.

It’s more than the celebrity factor that can enrich your corporate event. It’s unique entertainment and – if selected carefully – a perfect match of the athlete’s personality with your brand, the event and your audience. An unforgettable experience and lasting impact.

We advise corporate clients that look for athletes for appearances, speaking engagements, and endorsements.

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