Pieces Of New York

A Kitesurf & Lifestyle Project

Taking Flight

Kitesurfing at it's finest against the stunning background of the NYC Skyline. Photo: Kyle Arcomano

The Urban Jungle

Stefan explores downtown New York his own way. Photo: Luca Mercedes

A Session to remember

taking a deep breath and looking back on what just happened...definitely one for the history books. Photo: Manu Grafenauer

New York City Vibe

Stefan absorbes the urban flair of Brooklyn. Photo: Luca Mercedes

Currently ranked 7th in the world, professional kitesurfer Stefan Spiessberger is accustomed to traveling the globe from one gorgeous beach to another. But what happens when this small-town boy from Austria decides to go exploring the concrete jungle of New York City? He does it his way, of course!

Dressed in MARC O’POLO Denim and armed with his favorite skateboard, Stefan looks right at home in the world’s most iconic cityscape, whether slaloming through the streets of Chinatown, rifling through vinyl at a Williamsburg record store or just kicking back on the G-train. Still, it’s only a matter of time before Stefan is drawn to the water.

With the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline as his backdrop, Stefan finds the sweet spot between the river current and the winds. For two hours, he glides among tankers and cruise ships and delights the crowds on the Staten Island ferry. But most of all, he delights himself. Afterwards, each one of our crew had a laugh in his face. Stefans, however, was the biggest!

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