Karin Lechner


Having grown up right at the Austrian-German border I learned already as a kid that crossing borders is nothing to be scared of and looking over the rim of your own tea cup is always worth the experience.

My first big passion for sports was skiing, that I got into already at the age of 4. My love for untracked terrain and skiing powder soon became and remains a main deliverer of joy in my life. So when building projects like SNOWMADStoday use my experience and skills for something I am passionate about.

Backed up with a university degree in Sport, Business & Law and a European Master of Sports Management I headed up Red Bull’s International Athlete Marketing Department and along the way learned about true entrepreneurial spirit. I was responsible for the development of a global athlete marketing program including 500 athletes in over 100 countries and various sports.

I also directly worked with a great number of high profile athletes to successfully build their careers and collected a wide knowledge of sports, media and global markets.

My curiosity for the new finally made me travel all over the world (on a kite) and finally start my own business. I developed Red Bull’s global surfing program and learned from the „mother of board sports“ about marketing a soul sport in a mainstream world staying true to its core and roots.
In 2012 when my earlier team mate Sophie was a free bird it was the perfect match for us to found NINE&ONE with the aim to support both athletes and their sponsors for the common best possible result.
So, if you wanna reach goals and find out how NINE&ONE can help you, shoot me a message.